Calicoon Bentley with his doggie friend. 
Owned by Tammy Palmer.

Candy Tilley with Dude. 
 AKA Purr Master 5000.

Tanstaafl Pooka Owned by Bob and Judy Noble.  

This picture was taken at age 15 and won second place at the PSA Annual Convention in Portland ME. 
The title was “Thinking”

Calicoon Nicholas at age 14
Owner Kay Koeller

RW/QGC Hoosiercoon Kari of Tanstaafl

Breeders: Carol and Mike Downs 
March 15, 1998 – May 27, 2014

You are greatly missed especially at dinner.

My granddaughter Emma (age 6) carrying 
SGC/RW Calicoon Calina (age 9 months) back from a ring at a recent cat show.


Calicoon Calina

This is what a kitten of 6 weeks looks like when 
he is learning to eat canned food.

Calicoon Dixie Char-Maine Ludvik 

November 24, 1992  -  April 3, 2014  
An amazing age of 21 and 1/3 years 
Loved and cared for by Rob and Ramona Ludvik all these years.

Rest in peace.


Dixie with her boyfriend, Mr. Fuzz.  
Taken January 11th, 2014 – age 21 years.
Dixie's 21st birthday party.  (Dixie in the back on rug.)


Calicoon Boris – owned by Mary Schoettle of Nashville


Calicoon Bella Ann - 2 years old
Owned by Cheryl Webster 

Calicoon Clair de Lune at 18 months.
 Owned by Candace Brown

Tiny (20 lb) was out in the yard with his owner. They noticed he was laying down
acting unusual. Tiny had found a baby starling that was blown from its nest
the night before. Instead of torturing it or eating it, he laid down and made
friends with it. He never hurt it.

No wonder they are known as the gentle giants!

This is Bentley with his Ragdoll buddy Jasper visiting Santa

Calicoon Bentley with his buddy Winston the Bull Dog
  Owner Tammy Palmer

Tanstaafl B and Tanstaafl Bo
 looking out the window.

 Owned by Jill Grace

Calicoon Dixie at 19 yrs.

Calicoon Dixie with Mr. Fuzz owned by Rob and Ramona in SC

Calicoon Miller Lite owned by Phyllis Kiefer

Happy birthday to QGC/RW Hoosiercoons Kari of Tanstaafl who turned 11 years old on March 15, 2009.
Owner: Beth Hicks

Calicoon Suzi and her Daddy "reading the evening paper".
Pauline Ruhl

Calicoon Bridget, a flashy silver torbie with white.

This is SGC RW Calicoon Seahawk in his role as therapy cat.  He and his owner Alice Pursell visit with the patients in a nursing home regularly.  Every year they celebrate "the big cat's" birthday with a cake and decorations.  This was his 11th birthday in October of 2001.  He is too big for Alice to carry around all the time so he rides in a little red wagon.

Hoosiercoon Ariel of Calicoon
and her son Calicoon Sebastian.
Owner: Toni Scarboro.

Calicoon Seahawk Helse and Calicoon Milo
on their favorite perch.  Owner: Alice Pursell

"Let Me Tell You a Secret".  HiRB with his sister Maggie owned by Sandy Doherty.

Prince Sherman Van Pelt Roosevelt AKA Shermie aka Butthead aka HiRB (His royal Badness).

Calicoon Jasmine a lovely silver tabby with white.

Condopurrs Sojournor of Hoosiercoon
Sojournor is the Grandpa of our male SGC Tanstaafl Beauregard

Can you tell my mama just adores me? (Sherman at age 11)

"Mmmm-more whipped cream!  Beth spoiling Kari and Darcy.

Beth's son Jeff with Beau at 2 months "helping" him play computer games.

Lynne's brother with Darcy's litter and a few others - 6/2001.

Copper Penny likes a really fresh drink of water.

Calicoon Colette with her favorite toy.

The gang with Jake summer 2001.

Sooooo B I G!!

Calicoon Sebastian, a gorgeous show alter - owned by Toni Scarboro.

Calicoon Tye The American Native with a friend.

Tanstaafl Tabasco with his buddy Casper a Domestic Long Hair.

SGC Tanstaafl Beauregard and Holly snoozing. 

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