Although these cats are now retired, they were integral to our breeding programs over the years.  Don't be surprised if you find one or two of these cats in your pedigrees!


  Beth and Lynne at the 1982 TICA Annual 

The cats (left to right): 

Tanstaafl Merris Lee
Heidi Ho Canth of Tanstaafl
Tanstaafl Ramoth of Calicoon

Calicoon Chris's Rachel

Owned by: Lynne Sherer and Margaret Rice
1981 TICA Award 
2nd Best International Tortie Maine Coon Cat 
1982 TICA Award
Best International Tortie Maine Coon Cat

 Famous Offspring:
Calicoon Hooligan



Calicoon's Enchanting Lady
with her father Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner Friscoon's Buffalo Bill.


Hoosiercoon Ariel of Calicoon
is the dam of Calicoon Carly, Calicoon Milo,
Calicoon Got Milk, and Calicoon Jasmine.


(ACFA) DCG Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon of Calicoon was my first stud cat.
  Born in 1975, he was the father of DGC Calicoon Sam Francisco of Friscoon
SGC/RW Spavinaw Blu-Macks of Calicoon.


DGC Calicoon Sam Francisco of Calicoon  Owned by Pat Hermann and Bobby Salerno  Born in 1977, he was MCBFA's Best Kitten for the 1977-1978 show season.

Calicoon Sweet Sue was a daughter of Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon of Calicoon x  Belwitch's Buffy of Calicoon - a brown mack torbie & white. She is shown with her father Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon.

Yankee Cats Rufus - pictured at 6 months in 1973 was Lynne's first Maine Coon - breeder Judith Ancell.

Yankee Cats Obsidian pictured in 1973 at 2 years of age.  Father to Yankee Cats Rufus and Yankee Cats Von Richtofen of Tanstaafl.

Yankee Cats Sadie pictured in 1973.  Mother of Rufus and Von Richtofen.

Kent's Early Delivery of Cacomistle  Born in 1974 - mother of Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon of Calicoon.

Calicoon Ramoth's Samantha, Outstanding Dam - mother of Calicoon Sherman

Tanstaafl Commodore of Willowplace and
Willowplace Christmas Snow

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