Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Calicoon Cayla

Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Brown Torbie Tabby with White
Sex: Female  
Born: December 26, 2016
Reg.# SBT 122616 016
Bred by: Lynne Sherer 
Owned by: Lynne Sherer 



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

IW-SGC Chemicoons Theo’s USA Pride Willie, OS

LA-IW-RW-SGC Pajocoons Theobromine of Chemicoons

Summerplace Jonny of Pajocoons

Shanty Hijacker

Shanty Blackout Bounty

Glowcoon Ballerina

Summerplace Xandra

Shirkan of Summerplace

Summerplace Virginia

LAPD Angie of Pajocoons

LAPD Buckshot

GC Pedropurrs Alexander The Great

Beau Golden Girl of LAPD

Mightycats Miranda of LAPD

Kititas Tanqueray of Argo Mtn

Kavekats Zipitydoodah of Mightycats, OD

IW RW SGC Fogcity Distilled of Chemicoons

SaraJen Virginia Gentleman

Sarajen Menunkatuck of Fogcity

IW-SGC Sarajen Scoresby

Sarajen Stella Artois

Terrificats Cherry Pop

Terrificats Crème Soda

Terrificats Tondri

Fogcity Mountain Laurel

Coonyham Tamalpais Tom of Fogcity

IW-SGC Coonyham Lone Star

Coonyham Calistoga

Fogcity Millinocket Lupine Blue

Artemea Penobscot of Fogcity

Velvet Jewels Golden Zinnia

SGC, RW Calicoon Calina
Brown Classic Torbie & White

RW-QGC Nascat Casey of Calicoon
Maine Coon
Brown Classic Tabby

GC,RW Nascat Breaking Thru The Pack
Maine Coon

GC,RW Nascat Gwydion of Gradach
Maine Coon

GC Tribeca Beck Wethers of Cabincoon

GC Nascat Nicole Kidmaine

Kelimcoons Magic Mile of Nascat
Maine Coon

Kelim Coons Happy Harvick

Kelim Coons Partly Sunny

Nascat Shelby GT Mustang

Nascat Turbo Charged!

Shanna Christobal Reuben

Tropikoons Lotus Esprit of Nascat

Y1Kat Mustang Sally of Nascat

Y1Kat The Red Baron

Nascat Star Fire of Y1Kat

RW, SGC Sarajen Tequila Sunrise of Calicoon
Maine Coon
Red Tabby/White

Sarajen Virginia Gentleman

Sarajen Menunkatuck of Fogcity

IW-SGC Sarajen Scoresby

Sarajen Stella Artois

Terrificat Cherry Pop

Terrificats Crème Soda

Terrificats Tondri

Kelimcoons Bay Breeze of Sarajen

Kelimcoons Dodge Charger

IW-SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister

Nascat Danica Patrick of Kelimcoons

Hollishill Evangeline of Kelimcoon

Cabincoon Quintus Arrius of Hollishill

Hollishill Cosette


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