Champion Calicoon Blue Bella

Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Blue Classic Tabby
Sex: Female
Reg #: SBT 021615 037
Birthdate: February 16, 2015
Breeder/Owner: Lynne Sherer

Echocardiogram negative 9/2016 along with the DNA



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Br'er Coon Mr. Green Genes

Big Meow Rockin' Blue Skies

Oldestage Paint Ur Wagn of Big Meow

Oldestage Gambler

Oldestage Callahan

Aldamiras Grace of Oldestage

Oldestage Bess

Degacoon James Dean

Oldestage Jossie

Big Meow Sweet Juliet

Catz-Azz Black Booty of Big Meow

SGC-GC Amtails Crazy Horse of Cameowcoons

Pawstuctaway Kia of Catz-Azz

Rallicats Partly Sunny

GC-RW,GP Cooncraft Hop Scotch of Rallicats

CH Purrfectcoon Sylvie of Rallicats

Icoons Isadora

Br'er Coon Tanker Ray

GC,NW Cabincoon Dakota

GC Stormwatch Tatsumaki

GC Shubacoons Oh Lucy of Cabincoon

Br'er Coon Vivian Bright

SGC,RW,OS Tanstaafl Beauregard

Hissinghurst Nigella Bites

Icoons Angel Fire

Cabincoon Phoenix of Icoons

Touch of Magic Rawhide of Cabincoon

Cabincoon Rhinestone Cowgirls

Cabincoon Dreamweaver of Icoons

GC,NW Cabincoon Dakota

Cabincoon Levis N Lace

Calicoon Christina

SGC,RW,OS Tanstaafl Beauregard
Red Classic
SBT 102201 001

SGC Calicoon Sherman

SGC Mt. Kittery Katahdin of Donnahugh

SGC Mt. Kittery Penobscot

SGC Kiskata Quoddy of Mt. Kittery

Calicoon Ramath's Samantha

Calicoon Hooligan

Tanstaafl Ramoth of Calicoon

QGC Hoosiercoon Kari of Tanstaafl
Brown Torbie

SGC Condopurr Sojourner of Hoosiercoon

GC Lawmaine The Big Bopper

Condopurr Cajun Moon

TGC Hoosiercoon Kayla

SGC Bodacious Gris Gris

SGC Hoosiercoon Anastasia

QGC,OD Koontucky Kaitlin of Calicoon
Blue Mackerel
SBT 033001-039

Koontucky Kodiak
Brown Classic

GC Pomcat Garcon D'Or of Xtc

GC Robin of The Hood of Xtc

CH Lady Gold-N-Godiva

Koontucky Kodi
Maine Coon

SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky

Koontucky Mattea

Koontucky Marelicious
Maine Coon

Koontucky Just As Marvelous
Maine Coon

SGC Donnahugh Mechaieh of Edelgreyes

Koontucky Simply Marvelous

Emlu Macarena of Koontucky

CH Mainiac Andreas of Emlu

Emlu Gitana